In the past six months, the United States has been suffering from the new crown epidemic. The sports industry has suffered heavy losses. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs, and the direct loss has reached 12 billion US dollars. As of September 29, Beijing time, the number of newly diagnosed cases in the United States has exceeded 7.36 million, the growth rate of cases has accelerated again, and the epidemic situation has shown a rebound momentum. The recurrence of the epidemic makes NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL of the four major sports leagues in North America seek a digital “new normal” for future development.

Time goes back to half a year ago. A novel coronavirus pneumonia case was reported on Wednesday, March 11th in the United States. 1032 cases were diagnosed. Utah Jazz center Rudy gobel, who tested positive for his new crown, became the “No. 0 patient” in the NBA, causing a league wide suspension. Since then, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention issued an eight week ban on mass activities for more than 50 people. This law directly led to the closure of sports events in the United States. With the development of the epidemic, the suspension lasted for more than eight weeks, causing at least 12 billion US dollars of direct economic losses and hundreds of thousands of practitioners lost their jobs.

On April 10, NBA announced the match of h-o-r-s-e 1-to-1 fancy shooting competition, and broadcast live broadcast of fancy game live for the first time.

On April 17, 2020 NBA online draft conference will be held.

Due to the lack of live broadcast of sports events, ESPN 2 began to broadcast NBA 2K League regularly since May this year, which promoted the sales of NBA 2K series games to soar. Up to now, the NBA 2K series has sold 94 million copies worldwide. The NBA is considering holding the 2K Championship next season.

Amy Brooks, NBA’s chief Innovation Officer, believes that the past six months have fundamentally changed the NBA’s business model, making digital channels and open court games the two major priorities of current work. Currently, the NBA is working with Microsoft to develop the next generation technology to enhance the viewing experience of fans.

Fans who choose to build their living room into a live broadcasting room are used to searching players’ data, scoring in real time, participating in topic discussion on social media and watching relevant short videos at the same time on 2-3 screens during live broadcast. In order to further care for the fans watching the live broadcast at home, the corresponding products came into being.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) has invented a new digital technology portfolio to enhance the interaction with off court fans. MLB did not use the Japanese professional baseball style booster Robot & robot dog, but created a new online function of (CHER at the ballpark).

During the live broadcast, fans log in to the MLB official website or mobile app and click the “cheer”, “applause” and “boo” buttons to make a sound for the scene. When the fans’ live sound is gathered together, the effect created is no less than the real live sound. On the activity page, fans can also see the number of cheering home and guest teams in real time, which increases the motivation to share.

According to statistics, the campaign “boosting support on the court” attracted 67 million interactions. MLB has decided to extend this interactive form to 2021.

NFL introduces the strictest mask in the middle of the season, which makes NHL use the off-season to attract fans after 00

The American Football League (NFL) is the only event in the North American professional sports league that is not affected by the epidemic and starts on schedule.

The league’s biggest ever sports contract came out in July, with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick mahoms renewing for $500 million.

At the end of August, the whole league carried out nucleic acid detection before the competition. Subsequently, the NFL issued the strictest mask order. According to the regulations on the prevention and control of the epidemic situation on the match day of the league, every coach and staff member in the competition field must wear masks. The NFL will issue a fine of $100000 per coach for breaking the rules, and the team will have to pay another $250000 for it.

NHL Youth Advisory Committee

The National Hockey League (NHL) has played about 85% of its regular season since the season was suspended on March 12 because of the new championship epidemic. In late May, NHL announced that it would cancel its unfinished regular season schedule and 24 teams would directly enter the playoffs in the summer. At the end of August, the NHL North American Hockey League launched its annual Youth Advisory Committee recruitment program to win more attention from young fans under the age of 17.

The NHL Youth Advisory Committee is composed of 20 ice hockey fans aged 13-17 years. These post-00s fans from the United States and Canada will, from their own perspective, offer suggestions and suggestions on a series of Marketing contents such as sports events, youth community, interactive activities, social media, etc. This is intended to attract the next generation of ice hockey fans and adjust the rules of the interactive game according to the feedback of small fans.

NHL 2020 / 21 draft is now scheduled to be held online from October 6 to 7. Chairman Gary Bettman said the league has set December 1 as the start date of the new season, but NHL is determined not to hold games in an open air bubble.

It has become the consensus of the four major alliances in North America to develop normalized digital business and establish continuous emotional ties with users. It’s hard to predict when the next black swan will arrive, but the epidemic has once again made the sports community realize that fans are always the most valuable asset.