The Tennessee Titans finally got some good news. For the first time in a week, Titans in Tennessee had no new crown cases in a single day.

According to people familiar with the matter Monday morning, Titans had no new cases in Sunday’s new coronavirus test, according to people familiar with the situation.

This progress is of great significance for Tennessee Titans jerseys to restart the team base and return to the game.

Titans needs two days of no new cases to restart the base, so Tuesday is an important day for them.

Sunday’s zero added novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first time no one has been diagnosed with new crown pneumonia since the last Tuesday that there were many confirmed cases in Titans. A total of 18 Titanss have been diagnosed in the past six days.

The outbreak of Titans’s epidemic led to the postponement of their fourth week match against Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys to the seventh week. The Steelers’ game against the Baltimore crows, scheduled for week 7, has been changed to week 8.

Officials from the NFL online and the NFL players’ Union have come to Nashville to investigate the outbreak of Titans. If they are found to have violated the epidemic regulations, Titans could face punishment.

According to the current schedule, Titans will play Buffalo Bill for the fifth week at home on October 11.