Packers player Davante Adams: believe that he is the best outsider in the League.

In the last three games, davante Adams jersey has made 30 catches and 6 touchdowns at 422 yards.

Such figures are usually obtained by the team’s No. 2 or no. 3 outfielders throughout the season, while Adams completed the same performance in less than a month, becoming the backbone of the Green Bay Packers jerseys offensive group.

Adams should have a high opinion of himself. When asked if he thought he was the best outsider in the league, adamstein gave his opinion.

“Yes, I think that’s reasonable,” Adams said. “I don’t think it’s conceited. It’s just confidence. “

The numbers don’t speak. Although he has only played six games this season, Adams is still in the top ten in terms of receiving yards. Before Thursday night’s game, he ranked first in the league in terms of the average number of passes and catches per game, tied for the first place in the league in terms of the number of received shots, and ranked second in the league in terms of the number of yards per game.

“This is what I expect myself to do,” Adams explained. “I’m just doing my best. I have a lot of wonderful performances to play. I’m very dependent in this offensive group and I have a very good quarterback.

With ADAMS in, the packer’s offensive ability is stronger, there will be a greater chance to win. sales jerseys online If he continues his current performance, Adams may indeed be in the best position in the league by the end of the season.