This week, Madden 99 club has another new member, welcome davante Adams, the outsider of Green Bay Packer, to join 99 club.

Davante Adams joins Club 99

Three weeks ago, davante Adams scored 98, and now his name is back on this week’s rating. In this Sunday night game, davante Adams arranged the packer’s pass attack. He won three catches on the head of Titan, the top player in the south of the United States, and helped the team win 40-14. It’s interesting that no packer other than Adams has successfully received the ball more than twice in public. He was targeted 12 times, received 11 times, scored 142 yards and scored three touchdowns, which was enough to make him a new member of Madden 99 club. Davante Adams, welcome to club 99.

Davante Adams score improvement

The cover character of this generation, Lamar Jackson, has won the attention of the Madden scoring team through his excellent performance in recent weeks. After an incredible 14 week win over brown and a total of four goals in the 15th week. In the 16th week, Lamar Jackson, the champion of the East China League, won two passes of 183 yards and 13 strokes of 80 yards on the road. Although from the data point of view, Lamar’s data is not brilliant, but he is the crows back to the playoffs in the territory of an important figure. His state of recovery immediately invigorated the crows’ attack, and his excellent performance in recent weeks also made the prospects of the crows’ playoffs more optimistic. Lamar Jackson added one point later this week to 91.

Lamar Jackson score improved

Another packer’s player scored better against Titan on Sunday. Darnell savage broke the ball three times in the heavy snow and successfully intercepted Titan quarterback Tannehill, who played well this season. Savage also showed his versatility in this game. In the third gear, he raided the quarterback and successfully put pressure on Tannehill to throw the ball out of bounds in a hurry, which made Titan choose to abandon the kick. In the second half of the game, savage contributed a key defense in third gear, which successfully destroyed the opponent’s pass when Titan tried to catch up. If savage’s hand skill was better, he could successfully intercept this defense. Through this week’s grand performance, savage’s score was increased by 2 points and gained 80 points.