Stafford: it was required to be traded to a team jerseys with the ability to compete for the championship

Matthew Stafford’s deal is good for him and the Detroit Lions jerseys.

Stafford went to a team with excellent paper lineup, while the lions won the former champion Jared Goff, the first round signing in 2022 and 2023, and a three round signing in 2021.

Patriots were also one of the teams interested in Matthew Stafford jersey, but according to reports, it was the only team Stafford didn’t want to go. Stafford neither admitted nor denied the news, but he affirmed the rest.

“The exact part is that I want to go to a team that already has the quality to compete. Some teams are on the target list, others are not. They also respected my opinions and expressed their understanding. I think about every team

Speaking of former manager Matt Patricia, Stafford said: “no matter what others say, we have a good relationship. I can go straight to the office and talk to him, or he can call me when he needs to. I think we developed this relationship together. I have a lot of respect for him