Panthers cut three players jerseys to free up salary space, or chase de Shawn Watson

The Carolina Panthers cut three players on Friday, bringing their layoffs in the past week to four. And that frees up about $19.9 million in salary space.

The Panthers cut professional bowl defensive interceptor kawann short on Wednesday and defensive end forward Stephen Weatherly, safety guard tre Boston and kicker Michael palardy on Friday. This increased the team’s salary space to $28.473 million.

Cutting short, Wesley, Boston and palladi saved Panthers about $8.66 million, $5.906 million, $3.55 million and $1.787 million in salary space, respectively. According to people familiar with the matter, the black leopard’s layoff is entirely to free up salary space. After layoffs, Panthers’s salary space has been close to the league’s top ten.

It’s very important for a team who wants to upgrade their quarterback position and rebuild their attacking front.

According to people familiar with the matter, Carolina Panthers was willing to give the Detroit Lions jerseys cheap the eighth pick, the fifth round pick and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater in this year’s draft in order to get quarterback Matthew Stafford. But the lion finally chose the Los Angeles Rams to trade.

People familiar with the matter said that if the Houston Texan finally gave in and allowed quarterback deshaun Watson to leave the team through a trade, the Panthers would try to chase the young quarterback. Watson will have $15.94 million in 2021 and $40.4 million in 2022.

At present, only center Matt Paradis has a contract in Panthers’s first attack forward. The extra pay space also allows Panthers jersey to use the privileged player tag against right winger Taylor moton. That would take up about $13.6 million in salary space.