Three important players jerseys return to the New England Patriots.

The New England Patriots didn’t perform well in their first season after breaking up with Tom Brady, but some key members of the team will return in the new season.

NFL television network reporter reported that three important players who chose to quit last season due to the epidemic will return to the team – don’t’a Hightower), security guard Patrick Chung jersey and offensive interceptor Marcus cannon. Everyone is in good shape.

Despite the return of three important players, Rapoport reported that it is still uncertain whether the outsider Julian Edelman, who played only six games last season due to a knee injury, will return.

Edelman is still recovering and working hard. Although he wants to play in the 2021 season, it is still doubtful whether his health will allow him to do so. At present, he has not made a decision about his future.

Obviously, the three players who dropped out of last season had a huge impact on patriots jerseys performance.

In the absence of the three players, Patriot only ranked 27th in the league in terms of advancing yards per field and scoring per field, while opponents ranked 15th in terms of advancing yards per field. The Patriots only lost points per game, which is fair, ranking seventh in the league. In addition, the impact ability of quarterback cam Newton makes the average number of attack yards per game of Patriot also rank at the top of the league.

Although the Patriots still need to find a starting quarterback, the return of heitava, the Chung family and cannon has strengthened their three positions.

Last season, a total of eight patriot players chose to withdraw from the season, which is the most in the league.