In view of this, if there is any TV program that can make broadcasters feel at ease, it is NFL. In the competition for ratings, if you lose the NFL, the blow will be disastrous, so you can see all the head broadcasters of the United States on the stage.

It is worth mentioning that, compared with the dominance of TV media in the past, new media is playing a more and more important role in the NFL copyright war. To a certain extent, the strong entry of new media has also spawned the generation of sky high copyright fees.

NFL president Roger Goodall said, “the signing of the new media agreement will allow NFL fans to watch their favorite games through more channels. I believe we are in a better position than ever before to develop my league in a new way…”

In fact, the biggest difference between this heavy deal and previous years is that NFL has greatly opened up the copyright in the field of digital media. In the new jerseys sales copyright cycle, viewers can watch NFL events through digital media, wireless TV and other channels.

Among the major buyers, Amazon is a very attractive digital media platform. They are also the first organization in NFL history to obtain all digital media copyright. In NFL’s popular “Thursday night game”, Amazon has become the exclusive live broadcasting organization.

In addition to Amazon, those traditional TV media are also actively developing digital business. Take CBS as an example, its TV network will broadcast the Sunday afternoon event, and its streaming media platform paramount + will also broadcast the event synchronously.

Fox has also won the right to play NFL events on its VOD system, TUBI; NBC’s exclusive streaming media peacock has also won a certain number of rights to play NFL events.

Obviously, the NFL has given greater openness to the new media, and the broadcasting agencies have also given more investment and layout than ever before.

In fact, the market data in recent years has proved that new media experience is the future development direction of NFL jerseys cheap. In 2018, the viewing volume of NFL digital streaming media increased by 86% compared with 2017. In 2019, the viewing volume of NFL mobile network platform increased by 109%.

In front of the surging new media, the performance of traditional TV platforms obviously can’t keep up with the rhythm. Taking ESPN as an example, since 2013, the traditional cable TV subscription has lost about 17 million users, while the online digital ESPN + streaming media service has gained about 8 million new users.

Although the television era has created a business legend of NFL, NFL needs to find a new land to continue the legend, especially the young people prefer new media, and the audience groups that used to belong to television are also moving to streaming media.

Standing at the tuyere of the times, NFL began to vigorously open to new media, china jerseys online and new media are also happy to continue to add weight in the NFL’s trump game program.