Quarterback Cousins: Hope to retire as Vikings

In March, the Vikings renewed a $35 million one-year full guarantee contract with quarterback Kirk cousins jerseys, who will play for the team until the end of the 2023 season. The contract includes no deal clauses and also helps Vikings free up $14 million in salary space in 2022.

“In short, (the reason why I signed the contract) is that I want to be a Viking member. I hope to help the team free up the salary space so that they can build a stronger team. The key is mutual benefit and win-win. I think this is a win-win way, and I hope it can help us win this autumn.”

“My mentality has always been to be a Viking member. I want to retire as a Viking jerseys china member and will compete hard for it. I know this right depends on myself.”

In the four years when koshins started, the Vikings scored 33-29-1. Under the offensive system of new coach Kevin O’Connell, koshins has the opportunity to improve his performance and start working hard for the next contract.