Lions quarterback Goff is not worried about the impact of the draft

The male Lions currently holds the No. 32 and No. 2 signing of this year’s draft, and is likely to choose a rookie quarterback. However, Jared Goff jerseys, the current starter, does not intend to worry about it.

Goff said he “didn’t care” whether Detroit would choose a rookie quarterback, saying he “couldn’t control” the discussion on this topic. “I trust management.” “They have confidence in me and I’m looking forward to the new season,” Goff said

“I’ve been trying to do my best.” Goff added, “I’ve been trying to prove myself and prove the doubters wrong. But there’s no way. When I win only three games, there will be a lot of discussion about changing players, and the quarterback is no exception. I need to prove myself every year and every day and be my best.”

“I would like to conclude that if there is a player we want and have to get, I will try to get him to join. This is the basic principle. Patience is also important and we need to evaluate the value of a specific draft,” said Brad Holmes, general manager of Detroit Lions jerseys.

Before joining the Lions, Holmes was responsible for draft analysis and college scouts in Cheap RAMs jerseys. He once selected Aaron Donald and Cooper kupp.