Veteran running guard Gore will retire as 49ers player.

According to the NFL Network reporter, veteran running guard Frank Gore jerseys online will sign a one-day contract with 49ers in San Francisco to retire from his team initially selected.

Gore also expressed the hope that he can work as a member of the 49 member front-line management. “I like to look for talent and I like to evaluate the talent of other players.” Gore said, “they (49ers) also know how much I know about olive players and what qualities olive players need.”

Gore is a 49 person three round show in 2005. After playing for San Francisco for 10 years, he has played in Colts, dolphins, bills and jets jerseys wholesale. Gore didn’t join any teams last season.

Gore has pushed thousands of yards in nine seasons of his career, and participated in the largest number of games (241) in league history. Gore pushed 16000 yards in his career, ranking third in history, second only to Emmit Smith (18355) and Walter Payton (16726).