Qianhai hawks kick off a new journey to join Buffalo’s main competitive position

Buffalo Bill jersey formally announced Tuesday morning that the team had signed a one-year contract with former Seattle Seahawks outcast Jon Lane.

Because of this operation, when the new season is about to start, Ryan will also compete with Colton – Schmidt for a main position. The latter has been Bill’s kicker since the beginning of the 2014 season.

In the pre-season match this season, Schmidt completed 6 discard kicks. He averaged thirteenth yards per yard (41.3 yards). Ryan, on average, dropped 29.8 yards per kick, ranking first from bottom in the pre-season league.

Buffalo substitute Kerry Carter suffered a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament during the pre-season game jerseys of Bill against Cleveland Brown last Friday. Last Sunday, Bill had cut Carter out of injury. After Ryan joined the team, kicker Taylor Davies was also terminated by Bill.

On Monday, Ryan announced that he had cancelled his contract with the hawk through Twitter. According to NFL TV news, Ryan himself asked to leave Seattle Seahawks jerseys. Ryan has been playing for the hawk since the beginning of the 2008 season.

In April, the Seahawks traded up the draft to pick Michael Dixon, a Texas graduate, in the fifth round. Therefore, it is widely believed that Ryan will be fired by the team.


Ryan, 36, holds records for the Seahawks in terms of the maximum number of abandoned kicks (770), the maximum total number of abandoned kicks (34,491 yards), the maximum number of abandoned kicks entering the 20 yard line (276 times) and the maximum number of abandoned kicks (77 yards). At the same time, he played 159 games in a row for the Seahawks, ranking first in Seattle’s team history.