First: the flame is small, should be repeatedly ignited.


Hello, everyone. I’m No. 24 of Hangzhou Osprey. I’ve been playing rugby for five years. At present, I am engaged in Internet related work in Hangzhou.


The earliest contact with rugby was an animation called “Speed of Light 21” in high school. The animation had a rudimentary knowledge of rugby and sporadic videos seen on the Internet. However, there was no real contact because there was no circle of this sport in Hangzhou.


Until a chance after graduation from college, unintentionally searched the Internet for “Hangzhou Rugby” and other key words, unexpectedly found that Hangzhou has a group of more than a dozen people, and then organized a number of flour-based groups, which is the predecessor of Hangzhou Osprey.


When we first joined the team, we were basically in a white state. We could only find videos on the Internet by ourselves, and organize the team to study with the experienced old team in Shanghai. We were lucky to get a lot of help.


The gym became the place with the most attendances a week after spending a lot of energy on improving its strength levels early on, because it was thin before playing rugby.


After a long period of intensive training, the level of the individual improves dramatically compared to that of the New Rugby player jerseys, and the day-to-day training sessions and matches are lined up one after another to give back the days that nobody sees.


As I played longer and longer, I was also thinking about some ideological ideas, and over the years my understanding of my position went through three stages: fast-slow-fast.


The first is fast, and in the early days of football contact, it’s probably more of a physical game: as long as I run fast enough, the defenders can’t catch up with me; as long as I get to the line and catch the ball faster, I can catch the ball, so it’s always a blood-and-blood run, a race. I feel like I’m going to die.


There have been moments of memorable play over the years, but what impressed me most was my two major injuries.


Two injuries add up to maybe one and a half years of my five-year career as a player and I’ve spent a lot of time recovering from injuries and injuries.


At these times, we will be more serious about what football team jerseys is for us.


Fans and family members who have been quietly cheering for us on the sidelines? To challenge more impossible to force yourself to practice cramps on a single night?


Sometimes football is just like our life. It gives us a lot of frustrations and many hardships.