NFL- against World War 38-31, the victories won 4 wins.

Beijing time on September 28th at 8:15 in the morning, Losangeles rams team home against Minnesota Vikings jersey. The Vikings were bloodied last week by rookie quarterback Buffalo Bill, and the Rams started 3-0 with a song that seemed unstoppable, as if they were going to win all the way to the Super Bowl. In the end, the rams beat the Vikings in 38:31, winning 4 consecutive victories.

Focus of the game

The Vikings’outsider, Adam Searlon, took the ball over 100 yards again, and all the first four games of the season were over 100 yards. The last player in the League to do so was the Vikings’star. Legendary outsider Randy Moss, who was named to the Hall of Fame in February, had a record of catching the ball in 2007. Coincidentally, last season Adam-Silon received more than 1,000 yards in a single season, and was the first outside receiver in the Vikings to take over 1,000 yards since Randy Moss.

Today’s quarterback quarterback JAD GF and Kirk koxings pass more than 400 yards.

The Rams won their first four games of the season, and the last time they scored 4-0 was in 2001, when they entered the Super Bowl, only to lose the season 17 years ago to Tom Brady’s Patriots.

A wonderful review

After the start of the game, both sides took a long time to attack the first time, the Vikings took the lead in the attack, their quarterback Kirk-Cosins repeatedly found their main outsider Adam-Siron, and use fake running fake pass tactics to gradually come to the Losangeles Rams jerseys Red Zone. After failing the first two passes, Cossins completed the touchdown with a three-set 10-yard pass to outside receiver Allen Robinson. The seven-minute offense gave the Vikings the lead, but the Bulls seemed to take the lead in the game. Quarter guard Jared Gough found an outsider Robert Woods several times. The latter relaxed with GF, and only 2 minutes later Woods got the touchdown, 38:28. The Vikings hit a 40-yard free kick, 38-31, four minutes before the end of the game, but failed to turn the set and suffered two consecutive defeats.