New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

Since the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks jerseys met in the super bowl, the regular season encounter between the two teams has also become the highlight. Four years ago, the sea hawks won 31-24. Now that the two teams, which have undergone great changes in four years, meet again, who will laugh at the end?

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8:20 am, September 21, 2020


Cam Newton vs Russell Wilson

Although Tom Brady left the Patriots in the off-season, cam Newton jersey, who replaced him as the patriot’s starting quarterback, did not make the quarterback match any worse. In the first game of the season, the Patriot for Newton to build a new tactical system to allow him to play calmly. He made 19 passes, 15 passes, 155 yards, 75 yards and 2 hits. The 75 yards is the Patriots’ most charge. Unlike Newton, Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson showed his excellent passing ability in the first game of the season against the Atlanta Falcons, with 35 passes, 31 successful passes, 322 yards and 4 passes, with a pass success rate of 88.6% and a quarterback score of 143.1. How will the two quarterbacks, who played well in the first game of the season, perform well in this game?

Can Seahawks strengthen their attack?

Although Wilson’s passing performance carried the team’s attack in the first game, Seahawk manager Pete Carroll recently said he hoped to strengthen the charge attack in future games. In the first game, the Seahawks only made 20 dives, three of which were completed by Wilson himself. The Seahawk guards completed a total of 16 spikes, 43 yards and one touchdown. Although Carroll’s offensive philosophy of attaching importance to the ball has been criticized, but in the face of New England patriots jerseys with the best level of second-line defense in the league, if the attack can be improved, it can obviously reduce the pressure on Wilson’s shoulder.

The fighting skills of the two generals

Bill Belichick, 69, and Seahawk manager Pete Carroll, 68, are the two oldest managers in the league. When the nfl game goes on, the two will be 137 years old and 162 days old, which will be the oldest coach to coach duel in NFL history. Although bellicek won more games and honors than Carroll, except for the Super Bowl victory, bellicek lost two regular season games against Carroll during his coaching career at patriots. 1-2 is belieck’s worst record against his opponent’s manager (at least three games). In the off-season, bellichek and the coach team successfully created a new tactical system for the new nfl quarterback Newton. Despite a lot of criticism from the outside world, Carroll still led the Seahawks to play a very stable performance. When the two managers meet again, how do they plan tactics and direct their players in the game?