5 big stars are in fierce competition

ESPY is a Oscar event in the sporting world. This year, MLB’s individual player awards were fierce, with five players, including Papa Ortiz and trout Trout, showing the same level over the past year. Who is going to win the prize? Let’s wait and see.

With the other three major league NBA, NFL and NHL are in the offseason, the ESPY awards, occurred in the MLB during the season, in fact, is the unofficial end of half (all star Zhou Jianxie). In a league season for the unit selection principle, ESPY baseball award is considered one season before the team and the players, so this award, the main consideration is the 2016 season of all players.

MLB has another point, unlike the other three major leagues. It is the only one to present two MVP awards in a single season, namely, the United States and the United Nations each have one. The system itself would allow MLB’s best player award to be the biggest prize in the four major leagues. Let’s take a look at the performance of these candidates.

Chris Bryant, the third baseman, Chicago cubs

The cubs got the highest League 106 wins in the 2016 season, the team squad is strong like clouds, infield and outfield pitcher, all star line, but Bryant still in the talent shows itself as the team headed, shoes, elected national league MVP, this is the first time in twenty-first Century the cubs player to win the award. Bryant continued to play well in the playoffs. In the world series, the cubs had big score of 1 to 3 behind, at this critical moment, it is Bryant to come forward, hit consecutive homers in fifth games and sixth games, helping the team even take two draws level the total score, the final to win in seventh games, ending the team history 107 years without a crown of embarrassing record. Won the world champion.

David Ortiz, designated hitter, Boston Red Sox

Ortiz, who announced early retirement of the season after the start of the 2016 season, was no match for a jerseys cheap retired player. The 2016 season, his 48 double and 0.620 slugging percentage, 1.021 base + slugging percentage are among the first major league. Before him, none of the players was able to score even one of the biggest League names in their last season before retiring. Ortiz finished sixth in the United States MVP selection, no suspense won the United States designated to fight silver stick award. He led the attack on Boston is undoubtedly the most luxurious lineup in the last season, hit in a number of key data (score, hits, slugging percentage, base + slugging percentage etc.) are highest in the league. Unfortunately, the team was younger and lacked some playoff experience and was swept away by the Cleveland Indians in the United States regional division. Although he failed to win another title before his retirement, he was still a great player this year. In June, the Red Sox also held a retirement ceremony for his No. 34 shirt, marking a successful end to his great career.
Rick Bosailuo, starting pitcher, Boston Red Sox

Ortiz’s attack was so powerful that the Red Sox played a lot easier. With his teammates firing 7 points per game, Porcello led the way in the 2016 season, and finally won the first 22 major league wins. Coupled with a 3.15 era and 189 times three vibration rate, Porcello in last season’s American League Cy Young Award to beat the Detroit tigers “tiger” Justin Wieland and the Indians ace Cory g Lu Bo, winning. Porcello is probably one of the five list is not the most promising, but can be selected, the best recognition but also for his heroics on the season.

Marx Sherzer, starter, citizen of Washington

Last season’s League, the cubs is undoubtedly the champion of the most popular, the team’s two largest pitcher, Kell – Hendrix and Jon – Leicester’s self blaming rate, ranked first and second in the major league. Even so, reporters voted for Sherzer in the National League Award for yang. After all, his 20 wins and 228 games, 284 and three, were impeccable. Not only are the three highest 9 innings vibration third major league, his batting average is recommended + offices in Major League for the first time, this ratio only pitched 190 innings and Hendrix in Leicester known to men on much more persuasive. First half of the season, Scherzer is played at the MVP level, trying to lead the team to do better.

Mike Trout, outfielder, Losangeles Angels

Several other candidates or just rise, or have a hero twilight, while Trout was like Lebron – James, Leonel – Messi, not only in the team, engaged in the whole movement is the flag character. In the past five years, the American League MVP award, Trout won the first prize two times, three times in second place, only this one will suffice. The other four on the list in the last season the team into the playoffs, only Trout’s Angels showed no competition, but it also did not hide Trout light. This season, even the team Trout in 0 out of the bases without intentional, the other team in major league has been visible to what extent on the strength of his fear. As the United States MVP in the 2014 season, Trout won the best MLB player award of ESPY in 2015, and this time he will be a hot winner.

Past year winner

With the American and national leagues MVP award, ESPY MLB jerseys china of the year are awarded to players rather than fielding pitcher. Since the generation of superstar Pedro Martinez in 2000 and 2001 has twice won the first prize, the next 16 years only in 2011 Roy Holladay a winning pitcher, the rest are obtained by the fielder. In fact, in the early years of the twenty-first Century, the award had been dominated by several superstars. After Martinez, another generation of superstars, San Francisco giants Barry bonds for three consecutive years won the first prize, now the angels as the main Albert Pujol J in his Saint Louis times also had four winning cardinals. Two. – New York Yankees star Derek Jeter and Alex Rodrigues had successively won.

The distribution of awards in recent years some scattered than before, in Holladay, in addition to the 2012 American League against three time world champion Miguel Cabrera winning in 2013 and 2014, 2012 – 2015 Josh Hamilton, Trout and Brice in 2016 – Harper is the winning of A. Although this year Trout became popular again, but Sherzer and Bryant are also very menacing, who is the winner of suspense.

This year’s five list, four is the American and national leagues MVP and Cy Young Award winner, the rest of the Aoerdizize last season was the only one on base + slugging percentage over 1 players. The performance of the five players was different last season, but if the judges considered the season, that would be a step ahead of the rest of the squad. Ortiz retired, Trout injured in a relatively long period of time, Porcello Bryant last year’s poor performance, the MVP is also very embarrassing even all stars are not selected. By contrast, Sherzer is the only player to last the season’s best performance to this season. Can he beat the other four with that? We wait and see.