The biggest contract for NFL players is coming! 49ers Gould Bear Fans Should Cry

Robbie Gould will be based in San Francisco. On the evening of July 15, Beijing Time, just hours before the final deadline for signing the NFL privilege label, 49ers in San Francisco agreed with Gould to sign a “2 + 2” contract.

Robbie Gould renewed his contract with the most San Francisco 49ers jerseys just hours before the league’s deadline.

What is 2 + 2? The first two refers to 49ers who renew their contract with Gould for two years. The contract is worth $10.5 million and is fully guaranteed. The annual salary of $5.25 million makes Gould the most paid player in the NFL. The second is that the contract contains a contract option that 49ers can choose to execute before the 17th week of the 2020 season, which means that once the contract option comes into effect, today’s contract will become a four-year, $19 million long contract. After deducting $10.5 million in the first two years, the amount in the next two years was $4.5 million (total $15 million).

However, if it turns out to be a four-year contract, Gould’s annual salary of $4.75 million would rank second in the NFL, after Justin Tucker of Baltimore.

Gould was previously labeled a privilege by the team, but he refused to sign a privilege contract and missed all training camps. In April, Gould made a request for a deal to 49 players when the team was off-season in pursuit of a Patriot Player (Stephen Gostkowski).

According to Gould himself, the negotiations between him and the club have been going on for 17 months. Because the two sides have been unable to reach an agreement on a long agreement, coupled with Gould’s homesickness, the hope of returning to play closer to his home city of Chicago has put a lot of pressure on 49ers. For the past two years, Gould has been staying in a hotel near Santa Clara, where 49ers live, while his wife and children have been staying in Chicago during the season. The end result is good. The two sides negotiated a few hours before the final deadline for signing the privilege label.

Gould, 36, has played 14 seasons in the league, including the first 11 seasons in Chicago Bears. In 2015, the Bears laid him off before the start of the 2016 season after Gould missed a key free kick for two consecutive weeks. Gould then traveled the New York Giants nfl jerseys onlien and 49ers, and found the peak in 49ers. In the past two seasons, 75 free kicks were scored 72 times, and in the 2018 season, 97.1% of free kicks hit the league.

Such performance made Gould a player that the club could not easily let go. Although he had been on strike because of contract problems, the general manager (John Lynch) and the coach (Kyle Shanahan) insisted throughout the off-season that Gould was part of the long-term development of the team in the future.

Today’s signing news may cheer 分销商 fans, but bears fans are afraid to spend a heartbreaking day crying.