Troy Aikman had other ideas about his career after years as chief broadcaster of Fox Sports NFL jerseys.

Asked by the radio presenter if he could envisage a player management position at Dallas Cowboy management. He said Jerry Jones was unlikely to let anyone in.

“I think in many ways, there will be some problems with this team before this fact changes.” Ekman said.

It’s no surprise that Ekman didn’t want to work for Jones. Despite winning three Super Bowl titles for the cowboys, there was a lot of discord between Eichmann and the cowboys at the end of his career, which he admitted led to his early retirement.

Interestingly, though, Ackerman didn’t deny that he had the idea of working for the management of the NFL team jerseys.

“I guess I’ve been thinking about it a little bit,” Ekman said. “I had the opportunity to talk to John Elway a few years ago. I’ve visited John Lynch and talked about his decision to take the position of general manager of San Francisco. I’ve said it many times. I still believe that there is another area for me – maybe not actually – but I believe there is. I think the team management may be this new area. I think it will be very challenging. I’ll give up a lot to get the job. It’s a whole-hearted job, and I realize that, of course, but I think the challenge will make it worthwhile. ”

“Now whether I can take such an opportunity, we will wait and see, but year after year, the possibility of such an event is getting smaller and smaller. I understand that more and more teams want to take the road of youth and cultivate people who can serve the team for a long time, but relatively speaking, I still have many years to play. I feel like I have experience in the locker room of the champion team, and know how it looks and feels. In addition, I guess that my current job as a commentator has given me experience of working with those teams. ”

It sounds like Ekman is selling himself to a team that lacks a general manager. Lynch and Elvis have mixed results in their respective teams. Elvi helped the team win the super bowl, but was later criticised for player evaluation and selection. It took Lynch a long time to build a competitive team this year. Ekman can’t guarantee that he will be a good general manager.

Of course, Eichmann’s idea of leaving the podium is still interesting. Maybe we should pay attention to his future.