For the second year in a row, Pittsburgh Steelers need to focus on the performance of other teams in the final week.

They need the performance of other teams at the end of the regular season to get into the playoffs, and that’s because for the second year in a row they dropped the chain at an important time. Last season they lost in the 13th week to the then poor Oakland Raiders, and this season they lost to New York Jets in the first game and Buffalo Bill in the last.

Now, the Steelers need to beat the American League’s top seed, the Baltimore raven, and hope the Tennessee Titans lose to return to the playoffs.

“We are hoping and wishing again, just like last year,” (Bud Dupree) said. “Waiting for the other team to lose. We should not be in such a situation. We had a chance in the season before. At the beginning of the season and now, today, win the game, let’s not get into this situation. Even though we have experienced so many difficulties throughout the year, Pittsburgh nfl jerseys online we used to be able to control our own destiny. As a result, we failed. ”

Dupree is right. The Steelers have had serious injury problems and erratic performances this season, but they did have a chance to make it to the playoffs in the second half of the season.

The Steelers have scored just 10 points in two games in a row, the first time since the first two weeks of 2013 when they failed to make it to the playoffs with an 8-8 record. This season, they have scored no more than 10 points in four games, the most since 2000, and no more than 275 yards in 10 games, the most since 1966.

“It’s really a strange season. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like this before, “said David decastro. “I don’t know how to express it in words. We still have hope, one week to go, we need to win. This is the most important thing now. ”

Winning the crows and losing the Titans is the best way for the Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys cheap to get into the playoffs. But the outcome of the game involving the Oakland Raiders and the Indianapolis ponies could also determine whether the Steelers will make it to the playoffs. If the Steelman loses, the Titan loses, and the pony wins, the Steelman can enter the playoffs by winning. But if the Raider wins, and all four teams are 8-8, then the Raider will enter the playoffs.

To make it to the playoffs in the last week, the Steelers need a breakthrough from the offense. In the four data of average score, average push yard, average pass yard and quarterback score, the Steelman ranks the worst among all the winning teams.

“It’s too bad,” Mr. Di Castro said. “It’s hard. That’s what happened. We put ourselves in such a predicament. See what happens next week. “