Others have Octopus brothers, we have prophets, NFL Football “Super Bowl prophets” activity shocked the online!

Welcome to the NFL Football “Super Bowl prophet” activity, from now on to 24:00 on January 19, to participate in the “Super Bowl prophet” activity, and complete the match map submission information according to the requirements. The winning fans will have the opportunity to receive an official Jingmei prize according to the correct prediction sequence.

Who can win the prize? Top 10 fans who correctly predicted all promotion steps and Super Bowl titles

Opening time: the winning information will be announced in the top news of NFL Football app within 5 working days after the event

Conditions for participation in the lottery:

1. Complete the match forecast chart and click the “submit” button to submit the information

2. Send the screenshot of “submitted successfully” to the “NFL Football jerseys” microblog background

3. Download NFL Football app, set up your super bowl main team, and send the screenshot to the “NFL Football” microblog background

Detailed selection steps:

After selection, click the last “+” to choose the Super Bowl champion in your heart

Open the NFL Football app, find “edit information” in “more”, set the home team as the Super Bowl jerseys champion team you predicted, and send the screenshot to the NFL Football micro blog.

If there is no NFL Football app, scan the QR code at the bottom of the page to download, or click the NFL Football app link to download.

After completing the above steps, congratulations on your qualification. The winning list will be announced in the NFL Football jersey app headlines within 5 working days after the event. Please forward and share it and call friends!