The chiefs returned to the Super Bowl 50 years later: all will work together to fight Titans!

Back in 1970, 50 years ago, Andy Reid was only 11 years old, and Patrick mahome would not be born until 25 years later.

And what happened that year? Kansas City chiefs to the super bowl and beat the Vikings! It’s estimated that the high spirited coaches and players at that time could not imagine that their next super bowl trip would be 50 years later! Under the leadership of reed and mahames, the chiefs beat the super dark Titans 35-24 in the final of the US Federation, and let the team enter the super bowl for the second time!

Mahames is undoubtedly the key to the victory of the chiefs, the team’s well deserved ace quarterback in the game 35-23, 294 yards and 3 to the array. At the same time, he also has a brilliant performance in the road attack, pushing 53 yards for eight times, and his 27 yards for one time also helped the team in the first half 21-17 anti Titans.

This is not only the second time in the history of chiefstains into the super bowl, but also the second nfl time in the career of manager reed. He led the eagles to the Super Bowl jersey in 2004, but lost to the Patriots in the final game.

Titans didn’t lose the chance in this game. They had a 10-0 lead in the first quarter and a 17-7 lead in the first half. But the chiefstain’s defensive team stayed true to their belief in defending the other team’s derrick Henry. In this game, Henry only scored 69 yards, which is a big discount compared with his 180 + yards in the past two weeks. In the regular season, when the chiefs lost to Titans, Henry made 188 yards and 2 touchdowns.

In fact, the chiefstain played with the Super Bowl last season. Last year, mahames led the team to win the first seed seat of the US Federation. However, in the final of the US Federation, he fought the Patriots to the overtime match, and saw the opponent’s first attack directly reach the array, killing the match 37-31.

Before the chiefs hired Reid as manager in 2013, they were further away from the super bowl. In the six seasons of 2007-2012, they lost 14 games twice in a single season and 12 games twice; the team undoubtedly experienced the darkest period. Especially in 2012, they won 2-14, ranking the last in the league, and Belcher, the lineman, Kansas City chiefs jerseys nfl sales killed his girlfriend, drove to arrow stadium and committed suicide in the parking lot of the training ground! At that time, the chiefs seemed to be shrouded in clouds.

Reid’s arrival has changed the team. He has been in charge of the team for seven years and has made it to the playoffs six times. Although his record in the first four playoffs is 1-4, obviously he has waited for a quarterback like mahames. As for whether the chiefstain can create a brilliant scene 50 years ago, we will see.