Direct attack on the spot – how much does it cost to watch the super bowl on the spot?

The average ticket is nearly 50000 yuan

As an olive fan, being able to watch the Super Bowl match in person is the first thing on the to-do list. And if you happen to catch up with the team you support to get into the super bowl, such an opportunity is even more rare.

Just like one of the teams in the super bowl, Kansas chiefs, the last time they entered the super bowl jerseys sales was 50 years ago. As a fan of the chieftain team, I’m lucky to be here half a century later to cheer for my home team, even if it’s worth half a year.

Tencent sports reporter met such a female fan on the flight from Boston to Miami on Friday. She’s armed, head to toe, and chieftain related. Wearing the jersey of No. 87 near forward Kelsey, with the Emirates coat and hat in his bag, and the shoes on his feet are printed with the Emirates team logo.

Through talking with her, the reporter learned that the fan had been settled in Boston because of work, (nfl/nhl jerseys)but she had been a fan of the chiefs since she was a child. When the chiefs entered the Super Bowl last time, she was less than 10 years old, and watched these games in front of the TV.

Talking about last season’s defeat to the New England patriot in the US League Division final overtime, she expressed a little regret, but soon said with a smile, “but this year we killed back, after 50 years, we returned to the super bowl, and after last year’s failure, this year we become stronger!”

When talking about the cost of coming to the scene this weekend, she said that all the expenses add up to about 8000 dollars. But she says it’s worth the money when she has the chance to witness her home team win the Super Bowl trophy on the spot, because it’s hard to get the experience.

Then the reporter went to the official ticket platform and hotel reservation platform of the super bowl to check the relevant prices. Although the competition is held on Sunday night local time in the United States, most of the cooperative hotels offer package prices for Saturday and Sunday nights, ranging from $685 to $2350. The price range of tickets is wider. If you want to sit on the 50 yard line, that is, the middle of the court, you need to pay $22215, and the cheapest three-tier stand ticket is about $5500.

According to the statistics of several second-hand trading platforms, the average transaction price of this cheap super bowl jerseys ticket has reached 7136 US dollars, far exceeding the average price of previous Super Bowl tickets. You know, the average transaction price of the 53rd super bowl is 4657 US dollars, the 52nd super bowl is 5373 US dollars, the 51st super bowl is 4487 US dollars, and the 50th super bowl is 4392 US dollars.

In terms of air tickets, the ticket price to and from San Francisco and Miami this weekend has reached $700, while the ticket price to and from Kansas and Miami also needs $500.

In this way, if any fans plan to watch the 55th Super Bowl live in Tampa Bay, Florida next year, they will save money from now on.