Nfl 2020 rule change proposal includes gambling kicks

The annual meeting of the alliance will be held between 3.29 and 4.1. One of the contents is to discuss the proposal of rule change. This year’s changes in kick-off are noteworthy.

In recent years, for the sake of safety, the league has made a series of adjustments to the kick-off rules, which indirectly reduces the success rate of gambling and kicking. In the past two years, only 10.4% of the teams that chose to gamble successfully won the ball. In the 2020 career bowl, the league has tried to change. As an alternative to gambling, the team can try to get the first attack at the 25 yard line of their own end area and 4-15 tee off. In the past ten years, the success rate of the 4-15 strike has reached 26.7%

Other proposed rule changes are as follows:(nfl jerseys proposal? )

1. Adjust the blind side blocking rules to prevent unnecessary rude actions. (Philadelphia Eagles jerseys proposal)

2. The extension of automatic playback before permanent, including scoring, ball right conversion cancelled due to fouls, etc. (Philadelphia Eagles proposal)

3. The extra time of preseason and regular season is reset to 15 minutes, and rules are added to minimize the influence of coin guessing on extra time. (Philadelphia Eagles proposal)

4. If the defense group refuses to award the penalty to the attack group, provide the option that the game time can be recovered after the referee gives the signal. (Miami Dolphins nfl jerseys proposal)

5. Add “booth umpire”. (Baltimore ravens, Los Angeles lightning proposal)

6. Add senior technical consultants to help the referee team. (Baltimore raven, Los Angeles lightning proposal)