In 2015, many teams wanted new jerseys and abandoned old designs.

Five years later, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the first team to admit that the old design was the right one among the teams that changed their Jersey design in 2015. They released their new 2020 Jersey on Tuesday afternoon.

The biggest change in the New Jersey is the return of familiar styles. The Buccaneers returned to the 2002 shirt style, the most successful stage in the team’s history, winning the super bowl with their dominant defensive team. However, the new design still uses the large pirate flag pattern on both sides of the helmet from 2015 to 2019.

The black helmet mask of that time was also returned, replacing the chrome mask of 2015-2019. The New Jersey uses the white number again, which is surrounded by black thick lines and orange thin lines. This is also a tribute to the Buccaneers’ early years. Once upon a time, the tin ball pants also returned, with orange pinstripes and black thick stripes wrapped in red stripes on both sides of the center.

In addition, the Buccaneers also used the all white away battle gown. The old lettering was re used at the chest of the Jersey, but the font was a new one from 2015. At the same time, there are also pirate ship designs on the cuffs.

In addition to home and away jerseys, Buccaneers also released a third set of jerseys. This is the first time that Buccaneers use all tin jerseys sales.