Peyton Manning jerseys has ruled out future coaching, but one day he could still run a team.

Since retiring in 2016, he has visited several teams to learn from the general manager and coaches.

“After you retire, you have to try to figure out, well, what’s the next chapter?” Manning said in an interview. He also revealed that he had a meeting and had a serious discussion about the opportunity to join the management of the team.

A person familiar with the matter said Manning had received an invitation to join the management of the team. But Manning denied it.

“I talked to different people,” Manning said. “But I never got a formal contract offer, no written offer. I did talk about rugby, I think they may be attracting my interest, I asked them what their future direction is

Cleveland brown and the Indianapolis colt had intended to woo nfl Peyton manning jerseys. But in response, he said joining the management of the team “is something I haven’t decided yet.”.

Manning has no experience of inspecting players or analyzing as a commentary. But he is still one of the hottest people in the league. The decision is in his hands.