The hall of fame competition and the selection ceremony of hall of fame members will be held as planned

Similar to the entire NFL season, the Professional Football Hall of fame plans to have the hall of Fame Game and Hall of fame members selected as scheduled.

Hall of fame President David Baker said Wednesday that they have prepared a number of contingency plans for emergencies.

“Our current plan is to continue to prepare for the ceremony as possible… As we usually do,” Baker said. “But we have also developed five emergency plans, from delaying the ceremony for two weeks to next year. We have to do a financial analysis of the contingency plan. We have about 17 different partners – including NFL TV network, ESPN and NBC – so we have to consult with these partners. Just like in a competition, we have to make a plan. We are ready to continue our preparations. But we are also prepared to adopt contingency plans if necessary. ”

The Professional Football Hall of fame reopened to the public on Wednesday, three months after it was closed for the first time in history.

Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys are scheduled to play in the hall of fame on August 6. Five modern players, two managers and three outstanding contributors will be selected on August 8. Ten candidates will be officially elected to the hall of fame as NFL Centennial members at another ceremony on September 18.