Philadelphia Eagles base decorated with murals in memory of Kobe Bryant

Philadelphia Eagles jerseys use murals at the team’s training base to commemorate Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter accident earlier this year.

The eagle took over and shared the mural on instagram. The mural depicts three scenes related to Kobe: his high school days, his days with the Los Angeles Lakers, and his appearance in an eagle uniform.

In the center of the mural is written “Kobe’s 10 Rules”: to be better every day; to prove that others are wrong; to improve weaknesses; to complete what has been trained in practice; to learn from great deeds; to learn from victories; to practice good mentality; to have ambition; to believe in your team; to learn to tell your own story.

Kobe was born in Philadelphia. After spending some time abroad, he came back here in high school. He’s a big hawk fan. After the eagles won the Super Bowl in 2017, his victory celebration became a hot video.

During the regular season, Kobe visited the team while the eagles were visiting the Los Angeles Rams. “There will be a lot of hype, there will be a lot of rumors, especially at the start of the playoffs,” he told the team at the time. “You can’t be distracted by that mood swings.”

The Hawks have many fans of Kobe, including corner guard Darius slay. He will wear the number 24 jersey as a souvenir for the new season.