American NFL restart difficult, more than 60 players choose to quit

More and more players have opted out of the season because they think their safety is more important.

On Thursday, the NFL decided to officially return to this season’s teams and personnel. Among them, as many as 60 players chose to withdraw. They will not participate in any activities of the season and will watch the games like ordinary spectators.

Of course, the NFL League has not ignored them. Players who voluntarily choose to quit this season will be paid 150000 dollars, which is of course an advance from their salary, so that they can survive without participating in the competition this season.

Training players

If the player is a high-risk patient, once he chooses to quit the season, he can get a subsidy of $350000.

At present, there is no need for players to repay these expenses, and the only condition is that they will still be in their respective teams in the new season next year.

It sounds very simple, but in fact, we can find that there are so many legal disputes that we can hardly think about.

For example, what if a player is traded at the end of the season? So who should pay for the expenses? Is it a trade to another company?

What’s more, what if a player is expelled from the team for various reasons? Does the player need to repay this part of the cost?

As many lawyers in charge of the case have said, in the end, these need further negotiation.

Because at the end of the season, the team often needs to consider the personnel replenishment of the new season, and if the existing players do not change, it is impossible to carry out, on the one hand, they occupy the personnel list, but also occupy the company’s salary space.

So it’s going to be a mess for NFL players JERSEYS and teams, but restarting this season is still the league’s top priority.

In our mind, the American NBA League may not be as well known as the NFL, but despite personal emotional factors, the popularity of the NFL League in the United States is much higher than that of the NBA League,

NFL is the first sport in the United States, followed by MLB, and finally NBA.

I believe that many Americans are particularly concerned about when the NFL will restart this season, but how many Americans will pay attention to this season after losing many star players?

Players from famous teams, such as Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs jerseys and New England Patriots, have decided to quit because of the virus. For them, nothing is as important as safety.

Opportunities and challenges coexist

The temporary departure of active players in the team will give other players certain opportunities, especially the substitutes in this position. If they play well this season, they are likely to be in the top position.

Even if can not replace the main players, then for their future career is also played a crucial role.

But if you still perform poorly, you will probably lose the trust of the players and the team.

Write it at the end

At present, the NFL has canceled the preseason, nfl jerseys online hard to restart and the season will open on September 10. Are you looking forward to it?